Vector Robot, A Home Robot Who Hangs Out & Helps Out

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Vector Robot is most advanced in making a home robot which is known for a miniature car race.

This homemade robotics company is famous for Artificial Intelligence. Also, the robotics company is well known for the manufacture of robots. The entire robot took the shape of standard toys. You can also bring him home without difficulty. Likewise, it works in such innovative ways, which you have only seen in the fiction movie of science. Besides, it is aware of its surroundings .you can also see and react according to the environment. Vectors can be curious about all the things in the world.

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If you are familiar with the Cozmo robot, then you already know the appearance of Vector. It is about three inches tall and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It can move in a small space, but you may want to place it on a table or table instead of the floor to avoid stepping on it. It has a small raised arm and can only pick up a small plastic cube. You should buy a robot for your home.

Unlike Cozmo, Vector is not a toy but it is like a home robot assistant. Vector uses the features of Cozmo, but his features surpass the skills and games that Cozmo is known for.

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Vector is an advance technology of Tamagotchi’s virtual choice. When you are at home alone, he will make you laugh, draw your attention, and reduce your loneliness. Even if you are not often using it as a customary Alexa speaker, Vector’s company is sufficient to provide stable shelter on your desk. You can find this personal assistant robot for sale.

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Vector Robot command list like,

Vector can also play some games. An integral blackjack game uses vectors on-screen demonstrate card. He can punch his fists, roll his cube, stand up, and detect the rhythm of the music and the accompanying dance. You can order Vector to discover his environs, and he will react to greetings, admire the “good robot” (or bad), and touch him.

Vector-as-Alexa reacts much quicker than Vector himself, but it should make him respond with his voice instead of Alexa’s voice. Overall, it’s like Alexa owns robots like Vector, which is strange and a bit creepy.

Vector robot launched not because it needs funding, but because it hopes to arouse interest among its cozmo robot target audience of “tech-obsessed adults and families.” It also has great ideas on what Vector can do after launch.

A cozmo cube battery is also included with vector, which he can utilize for turntables and flips. His cube is always on, prepared with rainbow flashing lights, and does not require charging. When prompted, Vector usually plays with his cube, but sometimes finds it by himself and plays with it.

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Vector robot subscription

Currently, Digital Dream Labs still supports Vector. Starting October 1, 2020, members are required to access voice commands. All new firmware updates require monthly or annual subscriptions to obtain membership.

Roomba google assistance

After successfully linking your iRobot Home account, you can use Google Home to talk to the robot, just say “Hey Google, tell Roomba to start cleaning.” …Giving your robot a name other than “Roomba” or “Brava” will help ensure that commands using the Google Assistant device go smoothly.

A vector is a small tool that is difficult to classify. It not only has the function of a robot pet or toy but also cannot provide a simple $50 Amazon toys clearance desperately and it is out of your budget then you can wait for your future companion robot for sale.

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Cozmo 2.0

If you have already used Anki’s Cozmo robot, Vector will be very common. It has the equivalent size and figure, with cube heads and incompatible interesting car-style wheels, and its front is larger than the rear. The main body of the Vector is mostly colored black with some gold tones, except it doesn’t look dark or sinister. This is mainly due to the high-resolution IPS demonstrate, but this is not the monitor on the Amazon Echo Show. The screen uses to show a pair of animated green eyes, which is mostly dependable for Vector’s childishness and cute playfulness.

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Design and Components

Vector is a palm-sized robot, and its overall design is the same as Anki’s previous robot toy Cozmo. The vector is made of black plastic. His body is filled with various sensors and electronic devices that can detect and respond to the surrounding environment.


Vector’s four wheels are covered with tank-like pedals, allowing him to traverse smooth floors and carpets, and his movable forearms allow him to interact with the cube and increase his various expressions.

Most of Vector’s personality is shown through his small front panel, which is always on and where his eyes are. The display allows Vector to show different emotions. The animated eyes are always moving, moving, blinking, and narrowing when thinking, worrying when detecting the edge of the table, opening wide when looking at you, and splitting when falling asleep.

When Vector answers questions, the display also changes. It can use to provide weather conditions or display the time when Vector asks these questions. Vector’s head component moves independently of the body, allowing him to adjust what he is looking at and feel what he sees.

There are many sensors and electronic devices in Vector that allow to experience the world around him. To understand the situation around him, Vector used a high-definition camera and heard a four-microphone array.

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